Ingstrom Escape Chutes was developed in the early 80’s after the then owners spent over 40 years specialising in technical fabrics, as leaders in the European textile industry.

Global manufacturing and marketing of the Ingstrom Escape Chute® system started in 1988, the company Mobiltex was established in Australia and Singapore to expand its operations and to develop close working relationships with its customers and distributors, within the Pacific region.

The vertical deployment system for use within the harsh mining environment, was developed in 2012. Ingstrom Escape Chutes Australia Pty Ltd was established, to better reflect the company’s core purpose:  to be specialist suppliers and manufacturers of Ingstrom Escape Chutes, (Ingstrom) primarily for mining in the Australasian region.

Total Fire Solutions has been fitting and maintaining fire suppression systems to giant global OEM partners such as Hitachi, Liebherr, Caterpillar and Komatsu for 20 years.

In 2017 and as Ingstom’s largest distributor, it made sense for Total Fire Solutions (Aust) P/l to acquire 100% all manufacture, distribution and subsequent shares of Ingstrom Escape Chutes Australia P/L. The acquisition enables Total Fire to continue offering a one stop shop for manufacture, supply and installation of fire protection and escape chute systems.

In the first 18 months, Total Fire re-invested, redesigned and strengthened the vertical deployment system and after 12 months of intensive testing and re-development with the massive Hitachi company, proudly, Ingstrom Escape Chutes are being fitted and shipped around the world, on all series 7 mining excavators weighing over 250 tons.

The Ingstrom acquisition complements Total Fire Solutions turnkey approach to operator safety and asset protection.