Ingstrom provides an alternative means of egress for Mining, Industrial and Highrise applications, in some cases for multi-story domestic applications. The Ingstrom system is compliant and designed heavy duty for mining sites and other industrial operations. It is easy to install, faster and a cheaper alternative to ladders and other emergency systems and escapeways.

The applications are too many to mention  –  included are: Aircraft hangars, Mining –  open cut and underground, refineries, power stations, high rise buildings, chemical process, paper mills, coal storage and process, grain mills, tank farms and petrochemical.

Ingstrom is a state-of-the-art escapeway system designed and approved for Australian and International applications, Ingstrom have installed dozens of their systems to mega class excavators worldwide.

Ingstrom is fully enclosed and has a fire protected outer skin that is not impacted by environmental conditions. The Chute system tucks safely out of risk of collision when not in use. Self-deploying, it can be ready for emergencies in seconds proven many times during tests, where we have the Ingstrom person off the obstacle or risk, and clear, before motorised escaping systems are fully deployed.

The system is easy and simple to install and use, provides optimal user safety, with some clients having had these installed for over 10 years with little or no upkeep.

Safe and enclosed, the Ingstrom escape chute is simply and efficiently installed to any practical length, and represents great value as a cost effective “approved” alternative to an escapeway ladder systems.

Ingstrom chutes are fully protected in the “normal position” preventing from site interaction, dust and debris ingress, and is built with specialist stainless steel and/or corrosion resistant paint the doesn’t degrade over time, providing the user with a dependable security.

Built in the Hunter Valley Australia, Ingstrom pride themselves as a provider of the highest quality escape systems. Call us today for  free quote and/or consultation around your application.



  • Fast to Deploy
  • Fast to Egress
  • Fast to Escape


  • Heat and Flame Rated
  • Removes Falling Risk
  • Can carry up to 300 kgs


  • Minimal training required
  • Suits a vast range of applications
  • Minimal maintenance required


  • Ingstrom Integrated design
  • Fits into OEM Engineered location
  • Complies with local and federal AUST Inspection Regulations