Ingstrom Escape Chutes offer high risk training in Australia and Total Fire Solutions are your specialists for all mining applications, throughout Australasia.

A competency based training course is available to ensure that plant operators have a thorough understanding of the Ingström Escape Chute, so that in the unlikely event that an emergency occurs, the operators are competent and experienced in the use of the escape chute.
The course involves:

Operators will have the opportunity to use the chute for a minimum of 3 passes or until they display confidence in the use of the Ingstrom Escape Chute.

An extension to the Basic Operator Training Course is offered for tradespersons who are involved in the servicing and maintenance of Ingstrom Escape Chutes. This course focuses on the inspection, maintenance and recovery of the Ingstrom Escape Chute.

As the Ingstrom Escape Chute has additional capabilities when used by appropriately trained and experienced personnel, an extension to the Basic Operator Training Course is currently being developed for personnel involved in Emergency Rescue.
For example, the ability to travel with an unconscious patient down through the chute.

All training is competency based, and certificates of competency will be issued to successful participants.

If required, training can be organised on your site anywhere in Australia.